First Timers

When you come to Lift Strong Run Fast you should know that you are going to get the best training there is possible. You will be coached by a experienced trainer and be around other trainees that are motivated and trying to accomplish the same goals you are.

It is normal to feel a bit nervous and overwhelmed at first. Don’t worry, everyone feels like this their first time. A lot of people come in and think they are going to go right into the hardest thing possible but it is not like that. We are very safe with the progression of our members. We take a systematic approach towards every exercise we do with our people.

The first thing that happens is you will be taught the 10 General Physical Skills of Fitness.

1. Cardio Respiratory Endurance
2. Stamina
3. Strength
4. Flexibility
5. Speed
6. Power
7. Coordination
8. Accuracy
9. Agility
10. Balance

We will explain how each of those 10 skills will help you towards your fitness goals.

Next, we go over the 4 ways of learning: hearing, seeing, feeling, & performing. After that, we explain why the Lift Strong Run Fast Program is efficient and effective. Everything in our program is measurable, observable, repeatable, & scaleable. This is the beauty of Lift Strong Run Fast. We like to call it evidence based fitness.

This whole process takes roughly 10-15 minutes, then we start with a WARM-UP that we have created here at Lift Strong Run Fast that helps us access you. This will help us see where you are efficient or inefficient in the 10 General Physical Skills of Fitness. On your first day we are going to look for four things when you first come in. Can you SQUAT, RUN, PUSH, and PULL? If you are not proficient in those four movements then that is where we start. Everything we do here is very basic and simple.

You will start with your own body weight and build up from there. All movements are truly functional and have carry over into everyday life. As you get better, and you will, you will start to notice some side effects. Some of those that have been reported are: more energy throughout the day, sleeping better at night, fat loss, muscle gain, being more alert, feeling healthier, higher confidence level, and much more.

If you are still a bit nervous it’s o.k. Come in and try one of our classes. If you have a group or few people you want to bring then that is o.k. as well. Just give us a call and we will set something up. Your first time is always FREE and there is no commitment required. We will be more than happy to answer any questions and help you in your journey towards a healthier lifestyle and reaching your fitness goals. Remember, we there are absolutely no salespeople so if you decided you want to join, it’s because you made the decision for yourself. I look forward to training with you soon.

We invite you to come try your first class at no charge.