Training Approach

The Western method of periodization is a cyclical alteration of frequency, intensity, and volume of training throughout the year. It’s organized in an annual training program with different objectives in each phase. When all phases of training are put together, it’s called a MACROCYCLE. On their own, each phase is called a MESOCYCLE. Training can further be broken down beyond MESOCYCLES, and if this happens, these are called MICROCYCLES.

The Western method is based off of your 1 rep max. It generally involves a training cycle lasting 12 to 16 weeks. The first phase usually starts with a low percentage of your one rep max for 3 sets of 10 reps. As the program continues, your reps decrease as your percentage of your one rep max increase. When the cycle is done, you should be at 100%+ of your one rep max.

As you can see, the repetition effort method is used quite a bit. The max effort method does not come into play until the end of the cycle and the dynamic effort is completely ignored. I’m not saying the Western method is completely junk, because it can work. I have found that the Conjugate system works better, faster, and keeps things interesting by alternating exercises so the central nervous system “CNS” does not adapt to training.