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Professional Coaching

Scott Wells

Proud owner of Lift Strong Run Fast

My name is Scott Wells, I’m the Proud Owner of Lift Strong Run Fast.  Many years ago I wanted to give people a different perspective on how they view health and fitness. I originated a methodology and called it Lift Strong Run Fast.  It was my personal expression on what I thought health and fitness should be. I based it off of four principals.

1. Discipline
2. Recovery
3. Balance
4. Longevity

Lift Strong Run Fast is a RECOVERY Based Conditioning and Strength Discipline.   In the LSRF training microcycle “weekly”  You get 48 hours of recovery between your lower and upper workouts and 72 hours of recovery between your Max/Heavy effort workouts.  This is how we can train hard 52 weeks out of the year and continue to see results because we are constantly RECOVERING. Remember you only get better during the recovery phase not the training phase.



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Recovery based conditioning
and strength discipline

High Intensity Interval Training


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